Image Matters

Perception is everything. When you dress for the job you want, you send a message that you are competent, professional, and have what it takes to get the job done and are worthy of your clients’ trust. Are you prioritizing your company’s image, or is it just an afterthought?

In my industry, designers that neglect their own image/portfolio is epidemic. I admit that I, too, have been guilty of this. There’s a tongue-in-cheek anecdote that goes something like this, “Show me a designer with a perfectly manicured portfolio, and I’ll show you an out-of-work designer.” The point is, that in our craft, we are often paying more attention to your collateral than our own. But fear not, you don’t have to wrestle with that dilemma, let Uzzi Creative manage your image with artfully crafted identities, stationary, and web presences. Our passion is your image.

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