Costa Del Rey Surfacing

Costa Del Rey Surfacing needed an identity that communicated an experience comparable to the experience that their products and services leave their customers with. Specializing in concrete stamping and waterproofing both interior and exterior spaces, Costa Del Rey wanted to leave an impression of the relaxation and glamour that the spaces they touch will leave their owners with.

In addition to the identity and stationary, Uzzi Creative created stickers, car magnets, t-shirts, and yard signs to equip Costa Del Rey with a 360 degree experience for their corporate communications.

Costa Del Rey also needed a direct mail campaign to advertise their services. Uzzi Creative succeeded in getting Costa Del Rey Surfacing premium placement alongside an HGTV campaign to amplify their exposure with value-added brand placement.

Costa Del Rey LogoCosta Del Rey Print Placement with HGTVCosta Del Rey Stationary